About us

De Plano Consulting operating for many years for counseling to small and medium-sized enterprises. It promotes and directs groups of companies aimed at reorganizing them on specific markets and organizational functions. Example is Maestri di Fabbrica, small business corporation created to organize common representation stores in major city centers.

He also focuses on organizing art events, such as those of international significance dedicated to Della Robbia or Piero Della Francesca (Arezzo) and other annual events of national importance such as Cortonantiquaria and CortonaDesign.

From its involvement with the business of artistic production, the idea was born to be at the forefront in the design and manufacture their own brand of accessories MyTravels©.

Our team

The professionals of the main reference are:

- Susanna Milani, business consultant, event organizer, designer and expert visual
- Daniele Calamandrei, business consultant, researcher, designer
- Marco Migliari, designer and art director



Borgo degli Albizi, 68R
50122 Firenze (Italy)
T. +39 055 2638571
F. +39 055 2264562