Borgo degli Albizi, 68R - 50122 Firenze (Italy)
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MAESTRI DI FABBRICA born with the aim to bring together a selection of quality italian producers with the final consumers. The flagship store of MASTERS OF FACTORY is in Florence, in Borgo degli Albizi n. 68r, located in one of the old houses of Renaissance Florence, like Albizi Palace, where the important frescoes that characterize it, with their subjects that appear as in continuous dialogue with the works and objects of the present, help to create a place full of charm. It is not just a simple shop, but it's a place that allows you to see the factory or workshop with ordinary people in an environment perceived as unique and authentic..  


It is also an important store also for the size, so as to be divided into a wide variety of areas, such as if, visiting it, the user could make a trip in all italian crafts. This is due to the high abundance of the productions represented: in the store there are over thirty manufacturers of variable size..

Gift item and home decoration

This section represents the original one, animated mainly by the core of the founding companies. In it you will find suggestions of household items and gift items in glass, metal, resin, copper, alabaster, ceramics, candles, lights etc.. The major brands are represented by Coltellerie Berti, Riccardo Marzi, IVV, Antichi Mestieri, Artieri Alabastro, etc..


Cosmetics and body care


This section includes the production of small Tuscan artisans engaged in manufacturing products for cosmetics and body care made with selected materials prme, natural, grown according to organic criteria. This includes brands such as Herbal Toscano, Ideas Tuscany, Chianti Cashmere Cosmetics, who have made real "shop in shop" or important corner inside Maestri di Fabbrica. 

Fashion accessories

In this section you can find production of handmade jewelry, clothing accessories such as bags, wallets and so on. Stands out in this section, the brand products My Travels. It is a production started inside the store, where it was created a small laboratory.







Bookshop and Art Gallery

The proposal is finally enhanced by the recent addition of a thematic bookshop (arts, crafts, territory) to witness the attention given by Maestri di Fabbrica to the objective of giving due "cultural" importance to craft productions of the territory. From this perspective there is also the section of the art gallery aimed to accommodate the unique creations of local artists and artisans

Food & Beverage

In Maestri di Fabbrica there are also productions of more than fifteen small wine producers. In particular, we find small wineries, representing many Italian regions (Tuscany, Piedmont, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trentino-Alto Adige, Abruzzo, Marche, Umbria Puglia), able to guarantee the production of absolute quality, in limited edition, with important wines such as Brunello, Amarone, Barolo, Nobile, etc.. Also good is the selection of craft beers and oils.