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Body waters

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It is a body water by high aesthetic value. Its fragrance of tobacco, softened by vanilla, reminds elegance, warmth, sensuality, charm for people who love not to be forgotten.
Dedicated to the well-known Tuscan cigar, presented in a softened and well portable way.
A rich blend of essences capable of favoring the well-being: antioxidant, toning and stimulating proprerties of ginger, cinnamon and benzoin of Siam, the antiseptic of cloves, the energizing and regenerating of vetiver, the detoxifying of amber.


It is a fresh, energizing, stimulating body water based upon a mix of essences with remarkable olfactory and health properties: pink and white grapefruit, along with green tea and cedar, are characterized by the high antioxidant power and that of to prevent the formation of free radicals and cellular aging. The soearmint marked toning, purifying and balsamic properties supported by the energizing and regenerating properties of the vetiver, while the jasmine invites relaxation.


It is a sweet, fresh and summer body water like watermelon and strawberry which characterize its head. The fragrance is ennobled by the floral touch of lilac, violet and cyclamen which give body to the fragrance. A set of fruits and flowers that we can meet in the summer walking around the Tuscan countryside, from the hinterland to the coast.
The essences that compose the fragrance have antioxidant, antiseptic, cleansing, stimulating, anti-rheumatic, aphrodisiac, revitalizing properties.


It is a body water which reminds the sea and the smells characterizing the coast: salty sea smell, seaweed, freshness of water, aromas of lemon and the floral ones of geranium and cyclamen. All that on a base musky note and a woody one of sandal.
The essences that compose this fragrance have antioxidant, detoxifying, stimulating, relaxing properties and promote the good mood, the awareness and the creativity.

  • Height 13.5 cm
  • Width 5 cm
  • Depth 5 cm
  • Weight 0.2 kg
  • Olfactory pyramid - Top Notes: TOSCANO DOLCE: Aromatic spicy ELIXIR: Fresh citrusy FRUIT OF TUSCAN SUN: Citrusy fruity SAPORE DI MARE:Aquatic citrusy
  • Olfactory pyramid - Body Notes: TOSCANO DOLCE: Woody aromatic ELIXIR: Floral aromatic FRUIT OF TUSCAN SUN: Floral green SAPORE DI MARE:Floral
  • Olfactory pyramid - Bottom Notes: TOSCANO DOLCE: Powdery ambery ELIXIR: Woody ambery FRUIT OF TUSCAN SUN: Powdery SAPORE DI MARE: Woody musky