Florence, pair earrings "Santa Croce", galvanized/drilled

Pair of earrings "Florence - Santa Croce", in  galvanized/drilled brass.

Florence, pair earrings "Santa Croce", galvanized/drilled

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The earrings My Travels are inspired by the facade of the Basilica of Santa Croce (h. 2.50 cm) .
Handmade by craftsmen in Florence galvanized/drilled brass.

It is stated that the Basilica of Santa Croce nacquenel 1226-1228 thanks to a group of followers of St. Francis , who settled in the city , an area inhospitable scengliendo just outside the walls , in the middle of an island formed by two arms of the ' Arno parted near the present Piazza Beccaria , to rejoin before the walls that went up to Green - street via de ' Benci .
Here fornadorono an oratory , with the growth of the community of monks , he was first enlarged and then , from 1252 , completely renovated.
In 1294 it was decided to rebuild from scratch the building , with a grand plan drawn up probably by Arnolfo di Cambio , the architect engaged in those years in the most grandiose projects of the City .
Originally the facade was unfinished , as in many Florentine basilicas .
The wall of pietraforte still looked a lot like what you see in San Lorenzo , although of different shape and proportions .
The current facade was built between 1853 and 1863 by the architect Niccolo Matas , who was inspired by the great Gothic cathedrals like the Cathedral of Siena and Orvieto cathedral , revised in the light of his age.
The end result was harshly criticized , and it is still controversial for its artificial neo-Gothic style .