London / Rome, small dome S. Peter / St. Paul enamelled

Small pendant "London/Rome - Dome S. Peter / St. Paul", in galvanized brass and enamel, with hook

London / Rome, small dome S. Peter / St. Paul enamelled

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Small pendant inspired by the domes of St. Peter, Rome and St. Paul's, London, in galvanized brass, enamelled, with hook, handmade by florentine artisans.

The domes of St. Peter and St. Paul in London are two of the largest roofing masonry ever built. The first built, St. Peter, popularly called " Cuppolone ", is an expression of the transition to Baroque and Renaissance architecture reflects in large part the design of Michelangelo Buonarroti, who turn his inspiration in some ways from the dome designed by Filippo Brunelleschi for the Florentine cathedral of Sanda Maria del Fiore. That of St Paul's Cathedral, in the heart of London is the work of the seventeenth century by Christopher Wren. He revolutionized the vision of English religious architecture, based on gothic style, reinterpreting the dome of St. Peter and then importing the Italian classicism. Therefore the two domes have a similarity that My Travels wants to emphasize.

The pendant in the colours green and blue, has small windows at the base painted with contrasting color: transparent orange and full ivory respectively. Can be worn as charms on the bracelet, necklace or key ring or as a decoration of a bag, a wallet or another clothing accessory.