Florence, small Lily, enamelled

Small pendant "Florence - the Lily", in galvanized brass and enamel, with hook

Florence, small Lily, enamelled

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Small pendant inspired by the Lily symbol of Florence since the eleventh century. Its origin is uncertain: we thought to its conjunction with the city ( Florentia ) because its founding by the Romans took place in the year del59 BC, during the Roman celebrations for the advent of spring and the celebrations in honor of the goddess Flora began to take place regularly between April 28 and May 3. We think also to the iris ( Iris germanica var . Florentine, said the Florentine Lily) that grows widely in the surrounding area of the city. The lily is also a symbol of purity and therefore was once considered the flower of the Virgin Mary. The adoption of the Lily as a symbol citizen could therefore result from a manifestation of devotion to Mary dating from the ninth century.

The Liky My Travels is produced in the characteristic colors violet and red. Handmade by craftsmen in Florence galvanized brass and enamel , with hook. Can be worn as charms on the bracelet, the keychain or as a decoration of a bag, a wallet or another clothing accessory.