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Eros was the messenger that Zeus sent to earth to lead man and woman to seek lost unity and who today, even more generally, we could say to seek unity between individuals.
We like to think of the Hero as the noblest demonstration of the strength of Eros, as he or she who demonstrates great self-sacrifice for a common ideal. In short, it is the nobility of the ultimate goal that qualifies heroic deeds, which have the dual gift of bringing benefit to the entire community and being an example for each of us. Deeds that presuppose a great ability to believe, to move forward in the face of adversity, to hold on even when everything seems in vain and all this also for the good of those who today do not believe in him or who even hinder him.
The Hero becomes one by chance: he never thought of doing what he did due to the nobility or universality of his deeds. He did it because it was beautiful and good for himself. He became a hero for the meaning that others recognized in his actions.

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