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Los Hombres del Partido

“Copa del mundo de futbol Espana”: the boys of '82 became involuntary heroes of an Italy torn apart and divided by social and civil tensions resulting from the crisis and violence of the previous 10 years: on 11 July 1982 Italy turned page, rediscovering a long-forgotten identity, unity and hope. And he did it thanks to the emotion lavished liberally by those kids who until a few days earlier had been mocked and vilified and who had relegated The Vecio (Enzo Bearzot) to the role of director of a "leper colony".
Just a few days earlier that Pablito (Paolo Rossi) had become el hombre del partido for everyone, but it was the whole team together with him who turned the page on the most important match: that of the entire country. We could say that all of them became “Los hombres del Partido”.
For the sixteen characters who took the field (Ghento, Cabro, Lele, Fuffo, Gai, Marazico, Schizzo, Pablito, Antogno, Ciccio, Barone, Zio, Spillo, Malik, Il Vecio and finally Zoff, the one with the surname too short to give him a nickname) that was "The Team" par excellence, protagonist of their "Resistance".
The inlay decoration, dedicated to them by Daniele Calamandrei, is a reinterpretation of the Mundial poster; the first of a world championship created by an internationally renowned artist like Joan Mirò. From the constituent elements of that manifesto arise the symbols of the Italian heroes: the initials of the "nicknames" of the Italian protagonists and of the CT; a bee that takes flight as if to remind us of those who are no longer with us; a shape created by Mirò that recalls Brunelleschi's dome, symbol of Florence, our city.
Los Hombres del Partido

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