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Florence skyline symbols

What is My Travels

My Travels is a line of jewelry and accessories inspired by the main monuments of famous cities, such as original elements embedded in the memory of the places visited on your trip or even merely imagined. In the case of memories, these accessories are mixed as fragments of emotions experienced over time or as pieces of one great ideal city.

Composition of jewelery inspired by elements symbol of the city of Florence



The line of jewelery

The line of jewelery reproduces the main stylized symbols of famous cities. Each piece of the collection is characterized by high quality standards refers to craftsmanship, elegant design and quality materials. All jewelry My Travels, strictly nickel free, they are made by hand by master craftsmen in Florence, in lost wax cast brass, covered with a galvanic nickel-free or light gold bath which gives great shine and elegance.

For an adequate preservation of the product does not exhibit in contact with perfumes, cosmetics, seawater.

Pendenti in edizione limitata galvanizzati oro chiaro con strassparure ispirata ai simboli che accomunano Londra a Roma



Every day a different jewel

pendenti ispirati al giglio di Firenze
giglio di Firenze

My Travels pendants are fitted with hooks that allow you to wear them every day in many different ways by all the people you care:

-  You can make all the accessories you want, from short or long necklaces, to the bracelets, key rings and so on...

- For him and for her
- Playing on colors, symbols and sizes
- So a small collection but with endless possibilities.

My Travels is a trademark of De Plano Consulting – 68r, Borgo degli Albizi - Florence (Italy)

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