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MyTravels Florence

My Travels was born as a line of accessories inspired by the symbolic monuments of important cities of art, as original elements of memory of places visited on trips actually experienced or just imagined. In the suitcase of memories, these accessories mix like fragments of emotions experienced over time or like pieces of a single great ideal city.
Today, central elements of the MyTravels Florence brand are the artistic creations by Daniele Calamandrei, through the inlay of colored fragments or with other processing techniques. They give life to unique pieces, like real art objects to use or wear, whether they represent an unusual reading of cherished places or whether they are inspired by important works of modern art, or whether they offer interpretations or representations of current issues or specific decorative themes.

My Travels is a trademark of Idetos s.r.l. – 68r, Borgo degli Albizi - Florence (Italy)

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