Riccardo Marzi

Riccardo Marzi founded his company in 1973 in Florence. By combining his artistic skills and experience gained in the manufacture of new materials, he began experimenting in the creation of objects in which nature was deftly exploited, taking advantage of the crystalline transparency of a material then still little known as the resin. The "creations" designed by Riccardo and developed in the course of all these years, consist of furnishing accessories and gift items in which "bloom" colorful combinations of natural elements such as flowers, leaves, ears of corn, shells rocks, previously dried. Since 1989, Andrea son of Richard, follows in the footsteps of his father and now runs the family business. Over time the company has been able to develop managed to carve out an important niche in the market both Italian and international.

Creativity and quality are the elements that have always characterised Riccardo Marzi products in full respect of the tradition of Made in Italy and of Tuscan handicrafts.

Nature Suspended

The unusual union of natural elements and new materials gives birth to objects for everyday use, table centrepieces, vases, photo-holders and trays, where nature is magically “suspended” inside a transparent resin, and every colour and hue seems intent on reproducing the rotation of the seasons, making them “live” eternally.

Riccardo Marzi at the Museum of Modern Art of New York

Among the successes at international level the company can boast of its presence with one of its design objects the Museum of Modern Art in New York. In addition, negotiations are currently underway times to start the same kind of collaborative relationship with the MOMA-Japan.


Riccardo Marzi and innovation

Aware of the fact that the current market demand is very hectic and exacting, always looking for new ideas and new proposals, for some years the company devotes itself willingly in collaboration with University of architecture and design.

The technical characteristics of the material used in fact, lend themselves to interesting developments that until now have seen their realization in the construction of floors for bathrooms, floor tiles, as well as designer items tailored according to individual needs (lamps, tables, etc. ... ).

The experience gained over time in the processing of the resin, therefore the company opens a world largely unexplored which is a valuable source of ideas and above all helps to ensure that the company can find the right combination of tradition and innovation.


The working

Every Riccardo Marzi's  item is handmade from the first to the last stage of processing: after the preparation phase the natural elements of decoration are arranged within the various molds which are then closed in order to be able to pour the liquid resin until complete filling. Once solidified (through drying components) within the object is ready to be transformed and then move to the third stage. In fact, we proceed to the possible elimination of air bubbles and imperfections from the object and then go and polish and paint.

Riccardo Marzi

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