About us

Maestri di Fabbrica, a shop owned by the Idetos s.r.l. company, has been working for many years to promote artistic and traditional craftsmanship.

From this experience two own production lines were born, such as the line of perfumes and fragrances for the person and the home under the Maestri di Fabbrica brand and that of unique pieces with a highly artistic imprint, for use for the person, the home or the gift, branded My TravelsFirenze©.

Our team

The professionals of the main reference are:

- Susanna Milani, business consultant, event organizer, designer and expert visual
- Daniele Calamandrei, business consultant, researcher, designer



Borgo degli Albizi, 68R
50122 Firenze (Italy)
T. +39 055 242321
email: info@maestridifabbrica.it