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Borgo degli Albizi, 68R - 50122 Firenze (Italy)
Tel. +39 055 242321 

MAESTRI DI FABBRICA, a shop owned by the Idetos s.r.l. company, has been working for many years to promote artistic and traditional craftsmanship.

From this experience two own production lines were born, such as the line of perfumes and fragrances for the person and the home under the Maestri di Fabbrica brand and that of unique pieces with a highly artistic imprint, for use for the person, the home or as a gift, branded My TravelsFirenze©.


It is also an important shop in terms of size, so much so that it is divided into a wide variety of thematic areas, as if, by visiting it, the user had the opportunity to take a 360-degree journey into Italian craftsmanship. All this thanks also to the high number of productions represented.


Home fragrances, personal perfumes and cosmetics

This section primarily hosts the artisanal production of body and home perfumes under the Maestri di Fabbrica brand. It is characterized by the Tuscan craftsmanship of the workmanship, with natural materials of the highest quality. Added to this is a targeted selection of cosmetic proposals for the body based on PGI extra virgin olive oil, under the Prima Spremitura brand, and artisanal soaps produced in our territory. 

2023-09-22 1.jpg

Artistic decorations by Dan Cala and other accessories

In questa sezione trovano ospitalità produzioni di bigiotteria artigianale, accessori di abbigliamento quali borse, portafogli ecc. Spicca in questa sezione le produzioni a marchio My Travels. Si tratta di una produzione avviata all'interno del negozio, dove è stato ricavato un piccolo laboratorio.

copertina decori.jpg

Gift item and home decoration

It represents the original section, animated above all by the core of the founding companies. In it it is possible to find proposals for household objects and gifts in glass, metal, resin, copper, alabaster, ceramic, candles, lights, etc. The main brands represented are Coltellerie Berti, Marzi Riccardo, IVV, Antichi Mestieri, Artieri Alabaster.

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